The HostGatorHub Difference

6/23/16 Update: My view on HostGator has become more negative in the time since I made this post, but it is still worth reading

HostGator offers a lucrative affiliate program that pays out $50 or more to individuals who refer new customers. HostGator also lets its affiliates create coupons and when one of these coupons is used, the affiliate who created it receives a commission.

This has spawned a whole lot of sites full of content about how great HostGator is. The site owners are affiliates who hope that visitors will sign up through their links or with their coupons.

There’s nothing super unique about HostGator here. Most large web hosts have high paying affiliate programs and most hosts have these same sort of “fan-sites” built by affiliates.

HostGatorHub started out a lot like those other sites. It was a website I could link to and say “Hey here are some coupons! Go use them!” I really didn’t have a lot of content.

I very much believed HostGator was one of, if not the, best shared hosts at the time I created this site. Since then, HostGator has been bought out by Endurance International Group (EIG). I think HostGator’s quality has declined some since then.

There’s also been an increase in how much HostGator tries to upsell and market other products to its customers. To be fair, HostGator has done this since I first started using them many years ago. It has just gotten worse. By no means has HostGator become a bad host. I still use it myself and I still think it’s a good host. I just don’t think it’s what it once was.

The decline in quality has given me an opportunity to fill the site with content that’s more original and more useful. Unlike most of the other HostGator affiliate sites, you’ll find plenty of negative things about HostGator here.

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