How to Remove Mojo Marketplace from WordPress

If you’re using HostGator (or perhaps a different host), you may have seen that the script installing service Fantastico is no longer available through cPanel. QuickInstall is now the recommended alternative. HostGator may have had a good rationale for doing this, but at least some things about the change from Fantastico are annoying. Among the annoying things is that WordPress installations now have the Mojo Marketplace add-on included by default. You may see an annoying Mojo Marketplace link has been added to your WordPress menu:

Unnamed image

To remove Mojo Marketplace, just follow these steps:

Step 1:

Click “Plugins” on the left hand menu while logged into WordPress.

Unnamed image (1)Step 2:

After clicking plugins, scroll down until you find the “MOJO Marketplace” plugin. Go ahead and click the deactivate link.

Unnamed image (2)

Step 3 (Optional):

Now that the plugin is deactivated, it shouldn’t bother you any longer. If you’d like to remove the plugin from WordPress entirely, click the now visible delete button.

Unnamed image (4)

Overall it is a fairly simple task, but you shouldn’t need to do it at all. I wish QuickInstall had a check box that allowed you to select “Don’t include MOJO Marketplace with my WordPress installation.”

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