HostGator Limits

HostGator places several limits on its clients hosting accounts. These limits keep the server running stablely, but for clients with large websites the limits can be restrictive.


Shared Hosting Limits:


-250,00 inode limit (Also if you surpass 100,000 inodes you will not be included in the weekly backups)

-Maximum of 25 simotaneous processes per cPanel

-256MB PHP Memory limit

-Customers CPU use is limited to 25% of the CPU. This limit may be exceeded for no longer than 90 seconds

-Maximum of 25 simultaneous MySQL connections per cPanel

-Maximum of 500 outgoing emails per hour

-Maximum 30 POP checks per hour

-Email lists with over 500 addresses must be sent to during off-peak hours

-No list with over 5,000 subscribers is permitted

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