HostGator Hosting Types

HostGator offers several different hosting types:

1. Shared Linux Hosting

This is the type of hosting that the majority of customers will need. This type of hosting is ideal for people running small  or medium sized websites.  This is a very affordable type of hosting and its available in three different packages, Hatchling, Baby, and Business.

2. Shared Windows Hosting

This is like shared Linux hosting, but it is using a windows server platform. Some applications require windows hosting, but the large majority of people will be fine with Linux.

3. Linux VPS hosting

HostGator’s VPS (virtual private server) hosting is more powerful than shared hosting. VPS plans will place multiple customers on a server, but software is used to make each clients account opperate like its own individual server with its own operating system. This type of hosting will generally allow a client to use a greater amount of server resources than shared hosting. VPS hosting packages at HostGator can be one of nine different levels. The nine levels have major differences in power and range from $20-$210 per month.

4. Dedicated Linux Hosting

Dedicated hosting places only one client on a server. Dedicated hosting is very powerful and only necessary for large sites that use a significant amount of server resources. Dedicated Linux hosting is available in three different plans, basic, standard, elite, and pro. At the time of writing these package run from $174-$374 per month.

5. Dedicated Windows Hosting

Similar to dedicated Linux hosting, but using a Windows operating system. The prices for these plans also run from $174-$374 per month.

6. Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting package allow HostGator customers to run their own hosting business and sell hosting to others. There are five different packages, aluminum, copper, silver, gold, and diamond, ranging from $25-$100 per month

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