HostGator Coupons Explained

Sample Affiliate Generated Coupons (Currently Active):

HGHub995 – $9.95 Off

25PercentHub – 25% Off

ResellerHub – $24.95 Off Reseller Packages


Sample Corporation Generated Coupons (Not Necessarily Still Active):

Spring – 20% Off

hgc25 – $9.95 Off


HostGator has two types of coupons–those created by HostGator and those created by it affiliates. The coupons created by HostGator are often seasonal and are sometimes applied to orders by default. The affiliate created come in three different types, $9.95 off, 25% off, and $24.95 off reseller packages. There are thousands of different codes for each of these coupon types—the text of the coupons vary but the coupons confer the same discounts. In general, the affiliate created coupons offer better savings than the default corporation generated coupons. All of HostGator’s coupons apply to the first order only, and to hosting packages only. This means that the savings do not affect domain names or non-hosting services.


The billing period you choose will affect the savings offered by some of the coupons. If you choose a long billing period, using the 25% off coupon will be ideal, while the $9.95 off coupon may be ideal for someone with a short billing period. As a general rule, use the $9.95 off coupon for orders under $40, and the 25% off coupon for orders over $40.


The affiliate generated coupons are tied to a specific HostGator affiliate account. When someone purchases a web hosting package with an affiliate generated coupon, the affiliate who created the coupon will receive a commission (provided that the user remains an active paying customer). As you may have guessed, the coupons on this page listed as “affiliate generated coupons” are tied to my affiliate account.


Random Notes:

HostGator used to offer a $9.94 off coupon, which made the baby plan $0.01 (1 cent) for the first month. The coupon has since changed to $9.95 off (which makes the baby plan free for a month), but some websites still mistakenly list the coupon as $9.94 off.


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