Comparison Of HostGator Shared Hosting Plans offers three different shared hosting plans (Hatchling, Baby, and Business). There are a few meaningful differences between each plan. First off, the Hatchling plan only allows one domain name, while the other two plans have no limit on the number of domain names. Both the Hatchling and Baby plans offer shared SSL certificates, while the Business plan includes a free private SSL and IP. Through a partnership with Voipo, Hostgator’s Business plan gives you the option of receiving a free toll free number for your business. This toll free number can be used at no cost for up to 100 minutes per month. Unlike the Hatchling and Baby plan, the Business plan allows anonymous FTP.

Here is how I would break down all that information:

  1. If you have only one website and don’t need any special services, order the Hatchling Plan.

  2. If you have multiple websites and don’t need a private SSL or IP (most people don’t) and wont use the toll free number, order the Baby plan.

  3. If you want a toll free number, anonymous FTP, a private SSL, or private IP, go ahead and order the Business plan.

Don’t choose the business package over the Baby package just because it seems somehow superior, if your ordering services you don’t need, your wasting your money.

Clarification: A private SSL is not allowed on the Hatchling plan, allowed but not included on the Baby plan, and included in the business plan.

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