Which HostGator Add On Services Should I Get?

When ordering a hosting package, HostGator offers several add-on services that you can purchase. For most people, I recommend that you don’t buy any of them. The three services offered are SiteLock, CodeGuard, and Search Engine Visibility. All these services have little value to most hosting customers and there are many free alternatives to each service. It bothers me a little bit that...

HostGator’s Own Coupon Page

HostGator has a page on its own website that lists coupons. You can view it at HostGator.com/coupons. I expect they did this because it was an easy way to have their own website rank at the top of Google for keywords like “HostGator Coupons.” Otherwise, Google searches might lead to websites like this one where the coupons listed are tied to one of HostGator’s affiliates. By...

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