HostGator Alternatives

HostGator is not going to be the ideal host for everyone. If your looking for a different host that offers great service, I have a few recommendations: 1. MediaLayer offers great service, but its fairly pricey. The shared hosting plans don’t allow a lot of space and bandwidth, but the hosting is really good. If your willing to pay top dollar for incredible service, you need...

HostGator Hosting Types

HostGator offers several different hosting types: 1. Shared Linux Hosting This is the type of hosting that the majority of customers will need. This type of hosting is ideal for people running small  or medium sized websites.  This is a very affordable type of hosting and its available in three different packages, Hatchling, Baby, and Business. 2. Shared Windows Hosting This is like shared...

HostGator, Unlimited Hosting, and Overselling

HostGator, like nearly every other large shared hosting business, advertises “unlimited hosting” for shared plans. Unlimited hosting is not really unlimited–to prevent users from taking up to much server space, HostGator has several limitations. These limitations are explained in the TOS and in several other spots on their website. If your curious, I have a brief article here...

HostGator Limits

HostGator places several limits on its clients hosting accounts. These limits keep the server running stablely, but for clients with large websites the limits can be restrictive.   Shared Hosting Limits:   -250,00 inode limit (Also if you surpass 100,000 inodes you will not be included in the weekly backups) -Maximum of 25 simotaneous processes per cPanel -256MB PHP Memory...

HostGator Coupons Explained

Sample Affiliate Generated Coupons (Currently Active): HGHub995 – $9.95 Off 25PercentHub – 25% Off ResellerHub – $24.95 Off Reseller Packages   Sample Corporation Generated Coupons (Not Necessarily Still Active): Spring – 20% Off hgc25 – $9.95 Off   HostGator has two types of coupons–those created by HostGator and those created by it...

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