How to Remove Mojo Marketplace from WordPress

If you’re using HostGator (or perhaps a different host), you may have seen that the script installing service Fantastico is no longer available through cPanel. QuickInstall is now the recommended alternative. HostGator may have had a good rationale for doing this, but at least some things about the change from Fantastico are annoying. Among the annoying things is that WordPress...

Is HostGator being Acquired by EIG?

There are rumors floating around that Endurance International Group is purchasing HostGator for 225 million dollars. This is the same company that owns BlueHost, JustHost, FatCow, Ipage, and several other hosts. The acquisition could mean changes for current HostGator customers. There are many accusations of hosts declining in quality after being acquired by EIG. On the other hand, one of...

June 18 Newsletter from HostGator

On June 18 HostGator sent out a newsletter announcing some new features it had implemented.  A new chat verification system was put in place that allows users to type in and verify their account information before the chat begins. This makes contacting support easier; the support agents no longer have to communicate back and forth with a customer to verify his or her information. A new ticket...

Is HostGator Fast?

Question: Is HostGator Fast? Answer: HostGator is quite fast. Its worth noting that the exact speed you get varies some. The plan you get will effect your speed. There is also some randomness with the server you are placed on. Two people with the “baby plan” from HostGator may not have the same speeds because the server their placed on will be different. HostGator has a...

HostGator Company Overview

Here is some data for a basic overview of HostGator: Main office location: Houston, Texas Founder: Brent Oxley Chairman: Brent Oxley President/CEO: Adam Farrar Year Founded: 2002 Domains Hosted: 8,000,000 Percentage of Internet Traffic Hosted: About 1% Total Servers: Over 12,000 Total Customers: Over 400,000  

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